A cryptocurrency investor suffered a significant financial loss due to an extension added to the Google Chrome web browser. The investor, who identifies as ‘CryptoNakamao,’ shared his experience on the social media platform X. The incident began when he installed an extension named ‘Aggr‘. The purpose of this extension was to provide easy access to financial data. However, it was discovered that the extension was malicious and had hijacked cookies from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. This allowed hackers to access the investor’s account without any login information.

Investor Realizes He Was Hacked After Seeing Unauthorized Transactions in Binance Account

1 Million Dollars in Crypto Stolen Due to Malicious Chrome Extension

When the investor noticed unauthorized transactions from his Binance account, he realized the situation and immediately contacted Binance. Unfortunately, he stated that he did not receive adequate support. This incident once again highlights the critical importance of the security of digital tools used in financial transactions. Such situations underline the need for users to be aware and only download from trusted sources. Every new extension or application should be carefully examined, and its reliability verified before use. This kind of experience serves as an important warning for all cryptocurrency investors.

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