NASA has updated its lunar strategy since Donald Trump’s presidency, aiming to put astronauts back on the lunar surface and establish a base for long-term stays. New projects include a railroad system that will operate autonomously on the lunar surface and can be put into operation with minimal preparation. This system is called ‘ FLOAT (Flexible Levitation on a Track), which will allow wagons to glide on rails using magnetic propulsion.

Train Will Glide Through The Air

NASA Builds Sustainable Base and Railroad to the Moon

Robotics Specialist Ethan Schaler from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said that this project is critical for sustainable life on the Moon. Schaler said of the new system.We aim to build the first lunar railway system that will enable reliable, autonomous and efficient freight transportation on the Moon. This is a robotic transportation system that is durable and long-lasting‘ he said. The FLOAT system will have no moving parts and will operate protected from the adverse effects of dust on the lunar surface. FLOAT rails are also designed to be self-laying and self-protecting from other production projects. This innovative transportation system will be used to transport vehicles and equipment on the Moon, but astronauts will not be allowed to ride the train.

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