J.R.R. Tolkien is considered a pioneer of fantasy literature and his creativity has inspired a rich mythology like the universe of The Lord of the Rings. Most of the stories in this universe have come from Tolkien’s own hand, but many are incomplete or lost. One of these stories, ‘The Children of Húrin,’ one of the rare completed works, was compiled into a book by his son Christopher Tolkien. Now, this work is taking on a new format with the help of modern technology.

‘The Children of Húrin’ Revived with the Help of Artificial Intelligence

The trailer, created by Abandoned Films and developed using artificial intelligence technologies Midjourney, Kling AI, and Eleven Labs, offers a different perspective on ‘The Children of Húrin’. This is not a production by Warner Bros or any other major film studio; it is an independent visual experience crafted entirely with AI tools. The trailer showcases the dark times of Middle-earth and the drama of heroes under the curse of Morgoth.

This AI-powered video serves as an interesting example of how Tolkien’s works can be adapted into different media forms. It also provides a comprehensive idea of how artificial intelligence can revolutionize creative industries. The dark, mystic atmosphere and deep character portrayals are combined with the visual capabilities of AI to leave a striking impression.

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