Apple announced the iOS 18 operating system at the WWDC 2024 event held the day before. This new update will bring several innovations to iPhone users. Access to the first developer beta version of iOS 18 is already available. Users with a developer account can convert their accounts to a developer account using the link on Apple’s official website and experience the iOS 18 developer beta.

How to Install iOS 18 Developer Beta Version?

Apple Announces iOS 18 and Its First Developer Beta

To install the iOS 18 developer beta version, first go to the Settings menu, access the General and Software Update options. From there, tap on the Beta Updates option, select ‘iOS 18 Developer Beta‘ and start the update. However, remember that beta versions carry some risks. Issues such as app crashes, some functions not working correctly, or data loss may occur. Therefore, waiting for a stable version might be safer. All the new features and improvements that will be offered with iOS 18 will further enrich the iPhone experience.

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