Apple has made a significant change for its users by announcing that it will no longer offer free replacements for self-occurring hairline cracks on iPhone and Watch screens. Previously, if there was no damage to the case of the device, hairline cracks were replaced for free. However, under the new policy, users will now have to pay a service fee for such screen damages.

Hairline Cracks on iPads and Macs Will Continue to Be Replaced for Free

Apple Changes iPhone and Watch Screen Repair Policy

This decision currently applies only to iPhone and smartwatches, while iPad and Mac models will not be affected by this change. Hairline cracks on these devices will continue to be replaced for free, but the condition of an undamaged screen will persist. The reasons behind Apple‘s decision have not yet been disclosed and could create uncertainty among users. It is curious whether the company will provide more information regarding this forward-looking policy.

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