The world’s most popular YouTube one of the phenomena MrBeast with its videos of different concepts, it manages to drag millions of people after it. However, his recent video ‘I Survived 7 Days in an Abandoned City‘ was met with unexpected reactions. The video was filmed in Kupari, near Dubrovnik, Croatia, which turned out to be an area of several abandoned post-war buildings frequented by the public.

Here is that video:

At first, viewers thought that the video reflected a real struggle for survival, but research and information revealed that this was not the case. MrBeast and his team paid to prevent tourists and locals from entering the area during the video shoot. This popular seaside area in the south of Dubrovnik is actually heavily visited by tourists and locals alike. Nevertheless, MrBeast rented the hotel complex for the video for 31,500 euros and no one was allowed to wander around the area during filming.

Kupari allegedly abandoned

Are MrBeast's Videos Real or Fiction?

The revelation of this information caused great disappointment among MrBeast’s fans. Many people who have seen the video think that it is not a real adventure, but rather a controlled production. It is also stated that the‘7-day‘ period in the video was not actually filmed consecutively and was spread over a longer period of time due to health problems.

Allegations that MrBeast’s videos are coercive and unrealistic could shake viewers’ trust in the YouTuber. The famous YouTuber has not yet made an official statement on this issue. This has reignited debates about how digital content producers draw the line between audience expectations and reality. It remains to be seen how MrBeast and his team will communicate with the audience after this incident.

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