Sabah Newspaper’s allegations
accordingly, there may be changes to the current regulations applicable to second phones brought by passengers from abroad. The new regulation, if implemented, could prevent second phones from being imported into Turkey. This restriction will apply even if the customs duty is paid.

Phones can be held for 3 months at customs

Bringing Second Phones from Abroad May Be Banned

In line with the allegations, the phones seized at customs will be kept in customs warehouses for up to 3 months. If passengers travel abroad during this period, they will have the chance to get their confiscated phones back. So far, no official announcement has been made and the information is not yet finalized.

Under the current system, users coming from abroad can bring a phone back tax-free once every three years, and have to pay tax on the second phone. If the new claim comes true, this situation will change completely and second phones will not be allowed into the country even if the tax is paid.

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