Google , has revamped its Password Manager service and started to offer a more modern and useful experience to its users. Password Manager, which has not received an update for a long time, is now more stylish and functional with Material You design. This new design allows users to manage their passwords more easily.

New Interface and User Experience

Google Password Manager Revamped: More Convenient and Sleeker
Left (Old), Right (New)

Password Manager’s new interface breaks away from the uniform flow of the old version, with separate tabs for passwords, settings and other features. These tabs speed things up by giving users easy access. In the revamped interface, the search bar has been moved to the top and the section for adding passwords below it has been made more prominent. The app icons have also been resized and the lines between them have been removed to create a cleaner look.

Google’s Gradual Release Plan

Google is slowly rolling out this new design to users. This feature, which is not yet publicly available, will soon be available for all users. This innovative step by Google will be a great convenience for users who care about password security and will increase their digital security.

Source: 9to5Google

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