Pixar’s sequel Inside Out 2 continues to make its mark in cinema history. Released in June, the production, just like the first film, was highly appreciated by the audience and exhibited an extraordinary performance at the box office. In fact, it surpassed big productions like Dune: Part II to become the most-watched movie of 2024.

Record-Breaking Animation to Surpass $1 Billion Revenue Quickly

Inside Out 2 Reaches Record $1 Billion Revenue

Not stopping there, Inside Out 2 managed to gross $1.015 billion worldwide in just 19 days, becoming the first film of 2024 to cross the one billion dollar threshold. With this achievement, it is recorded as the fastest among the 11 animation films that have previously reached one billion dollars in revenue. No other animation film among the previous record holders has achieved such a large gross in such a short time.

Inside Out 2 Trailer Receives Great Interest

Like the first installment, the film focuses on the young hero Riley and the emotions in her brain. As Riley steps into adolescence, the addition of new emotions brings a fresh breath to the story. Riley’s emotional evolution and the challenges she faces during this process are receiving high interest from the viewers.

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