TikTok While the short video format has gained immense popularity around the world, it has faced bans in some countries due to security concerns. The possibility that the platform could be banned in the US as a result of a bill signed by President Joe Biden due to allegations of spying on behalf of the Chinese government seems to have mobilized other countries.

The Future of TikTok in Turkey and the Proposed Ban

Is TikTok Banned in Turkey?

The future of TikTok in Turkey is becoming uncertain. Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Kırıkkale MP Halil Öztürk announced that they are working on a bill to ban the platform in the country. Öztürk described TikTok asa ‘swamp‘ and argued that the platform’s presence in Turkey harms national values and moral norms. The MP argued that TikTok should be shut down immediately due to the prevalence of immoral content and its potential to harm national values.“If morality disappears, the future disappears,” he said, emphasizing that the protection of moral values is essential for the future of society.

He also stated that children and young people should be kept away from such platforms in order to maintain a healthy social structure. Halil Öztürk stated that the bill aims to protect Turkey’s cultural and moral structure and that steps should be taken in this direction. If the proposal becomes law, the social media landscape in Turkey could change dramatically.

For TikTok’s users and partners in Turkey, this could create uncertainties and impose severe restrictions on the platform’s activities in the country.

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