One of the world’s largest online video platforms, YouTube, is currently in a complicated situation due to leakage allegations. According to allegations, videos uploaded to the platform but not yet aired are being leaked by Google employees. Particularly, the early leaks of the GTA 6 trailer and the PlayStation State of Play event are strengthening these suspicions. Since such leaks are happening through content uploaded on YouTube, Google employees might have a significant role in this situation.

Similar Incidents Occurred in the Past

It is Alleged that YouTube Employees Leaked the GTA 6 Trailer

Similar incidents have occurred in the past. In 2017, Nintendo’s Yoshi’s Crafted World game, introduced at E3, was leaked by a YouTube employee, and this was revealed in a recording taken with a smartphone. Google spokesperson Matt Bryant did not completely deny these allegations and only mentioned that an investigation had been initiated. However, he did not provide a clear answer as to whether YouTube employees were the actual source of the leaks.

Such leaks can create serious problems for both companies and users. Premature exposure of company secrets can negatively affect marketing strategies and product launches. YouTube and Google may be forced to make a more transparent statement in the face of such allegations.

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