LC Waikiki, before becoming a global brand with its understanding of style and accessibility, was founded in 1988 in Paris by George Amoual and Serge Kraif. The duo had met in an amateur football team, and their friendship quickly turned into a partnership. The company, established with an initial capital of 50,000 French francs, took its name by combining “Les Copains” (Friends) and Waikiki, a beach in Hawaii.

During its early years, the brand not only designed t-shirts and sweatshirts but also included a cute monkey figure in its logos that attracted children’s interest. With this logo, it began to receive bulk orders from many countries. As LC Waikiki continued to grow in Paris, it collaborated with Mustafa Küçük and partners, who were involved in foreign trade in Istanbul, through their company Taha Textile. This collaboration marked the beginning of LC Waikiki’s production activities in Turkey.

LC Waikiki’s Growth in Turkey and International Expansion

LC Waikiki: From Paris to a Global Fashion Giant, A Success Story

As the trust in the quality of Taha Textile grew over time, LC Waikiki decided to cancel other manufacturing agreements and move all production to Turkey. The brand accelerated the opening of stores nationwide, and in 2000, launched the X-Side brand aimed at youth. In 2009, it decided to expand internationally, opening its first overseas store in Romania. With these steps, it continued to grow in both European and non-European markets. Today, LC Waikiki has approximately 900 stores in 46 countries, holding a significant position in the fashion industry.

LC Waikiki’s story is a vivid example of how the right partnerships and strategic decisions can transform a small start into a great success.

Source:  LC Waikiki

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