Logitech, with its new pen named MX Ink, introduces a significant innovation in the field of virtual reality, enabling users to expand their creativity. Alongside Apple Vision Pro, this product can also be utilized by Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3 users, specifically designed for technical and artistic drawings. MX Ink, weighing 29 grams compared to Apple Pencil’s 20.7 grams, features multiple customizable buttons. These buttons allow users to control their drawings more comfortably.

Features and Design Capacity of MX Ink

Logitech MX Ink: Enhancing Creativity in Mixed Reality

MX Ink, capable of three-dimensional design, enables users to draw on both flat surfaces and three-dimensional spaces. Moreover, it offers the ability to warp and bend drawings as one would manipulate an image in Photoshop. With these features, MX Ink becomes an essential tool in professional applications that require creativity.

Usage Duration and Charging Features

The pen comes with a built-in USB Type-C port and offers 7 hours of use on a single charge. Additionally, it can be charged with the MX Inkwell Charging Station, which will be sold separately, and its price has not yet been announced. Logitech has set the price for MX Ink at 129 dollars and announced that the product will be available for sale within the year. This new technology, which makes drawing in virtual reality more effective and efficient, will particularly benefit designers and artists.

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