Microsoft introduced the new ARM-based Surface Laptop and Surface Pro models at an event held before the developer conference. These new devices showcase the company’s innovations in AI and hardware. The Surface Laptop comes with the ARM-based Snapdragon X Elite processor and is positioned as a competitor to Apple’s M-series processors. The new model is 80% faster than previous generations and is capable of up to 22 hours of video playback. There’s also a choice of 13.8- and 15-inch displays with a 120 Hz refresh rate.

Surface Laptop Highlights

The new Surface Laptop differs from Apple products with its touch screen feature and offers support for 3 4K monitors. RAM options start from 16 GB and go up to 32 GB, while the latest Wi-Fi 7 technology is also included.

Microsoft Unveils New ARM-Based Surface Laptop Models

The AI key gives users quick access to Microsoft’s Copilot feature. In addition, the NPU on the device supports Windows’ artificial intelligence features, improving the user experience. The 13-inch model will retail for $999 and the 15-inch model for $1,199.

New Surface Pro Models and Features

On the other hand, the new Surface Pro also has a Snapdragon X processor and comes with a detachable keyboard option. This model also features an AI keypad and comes with a 13-inch display, 32 GB RAM and up to 1 TB storage capacity.

Microsoft Unveils New ARM-Based Surface Laptop Models

Surface Pro offers 90% faster performance, 5G support and a new OLED display. With Wi-Fi 7, advanced camera features and four color options, consumers are offered diversity. Prices start at $999 and go up to $1,200 for the highest version, while the new keyboard Flex Keyboard will retail for $450.

With these new products, Microsoft is addressing both business users and general consumers. It aims to take the user experience to the next level with innovative hardware features and integrated artificial intelligence features. These devices are likely to help the company consolidate its leadership in technology and software.

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