Nomophobia can be defined as ‘no mobile phobia’, or the fear of not being able to live without a mobile phone, which is rapidly spreading especially among young people today. This phobia arises as a result of technology addiction and can negatively affect people’s daily lives. The fear of living without a mobile phone is fueled by factors like social media and the constant need for connectivity.

Individuals with nomophobia feel incomplete without their phones nearby, feel a constant need to check their devices, and experience a sense of helplessness when their batteries die.

Increased Anxiety and Distress from Phone Loss or Malfunctions

Nomophobia: The Fear of Living Without a Mobile Phone and Its Treatment

In cases of phone loss or malfunction, intense anxiety and distress are experienced. Physical symptoms may include dizziness, accelerated heartbeat, and difficulty breathing. This situation can further increase social media and technology addiction, leading to a vicious cycle.

Overcoming Nomophobia: Treatment Methods

However, it is possible to overcome nomophobia. Treatment begins with the individual acknowledging the problem and can continue with a technology detox. Seeking psychological counseling and expert help for more severe cases can be effective in overcoming this phobia. Establishing a healthy relationship with technology and spending more time in the real world are important steps in combating nomophobia.

Source:  PubMed

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