NVIDIA, one of the leading companies in artificial intelligence technologies, has joined forces with MediaTek to further consolidate its position in the sector. The two companies are working on new computer chips that will increase competition in the market. This new collaboration will challenge other major players such as Qualcomm, especially in the field of ARM-based notebook processors. The chips under development will be larger than mobile ARM processors, both in size and cost.

NVIDIA is Moving Away from Gaming

NVIDIA and MediaTek Collaborate to Develop New Chip

NVIDIA‘s strategic move reinforces the company’s previous decision to move away from gaming and focus on artificial intelligence and other technological areas. Drawing attention with projects such as developing bot NPCs using artificial intelligence and the B100 Blackwell GPU, NVIDIA aims to set new standards in the technology world. This GPU was specifically designed for use by large enterprise customers and was favored by giants like Google.

Expectations from New Processors

The new processor, which is expected to be completed later this year, will be used in laptops to be released by 2025. This development could lead to significant changes in the computer and artificial intelligence technologies market. This joint venture between NVIDIA and MediaTek is seen as a step that will reinforce the innovative approaches of both companies in the field of technology and change the competitive dynamics in the market.

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