The Tesla Roadster is considered one of the groundbreaking models in the electric vehicle market and is a testament to Tesla’s innovative approach in this field. Now the Roadster RR, a prototype of this model that has never been on sale before, has been released for private collectors. The vehicle was purchased in 2012 by Tesla’s then Vice President of Service Joost De Vries and repaired at a Tesla service center in Seattle under the supervision of Carl Medlock.

Special Features of the Roadster RR

Rare Tesla Roadster RR Prototype Goes on Sale

The Roadster RR is based on the original Roadster Sport model and is equipped with a range of special parts and equipment. The vehicle features Tarox Italian performance brakes, available on only three examples worldwide, a Hollinger Limited Slip Differential, available on only two vehicles, and a customized Blistein Performance Sport suspension system that is unique in the world. The vehicle also stands out with its handmade carbon fiber body cladding, which offers an aesthetic appearance without the need for painting.

A Valuable Option for Collectors: Roadster RR

Rare Tesla Roadster RR Prototype Goes on Sale

Although it is not a factory model, the fact that it has been modified by Tesla’s top executives allows this vehicle to be considered‘factory modified‘. This makes it even more valuable for collectors. There is also a dedicated website for those who want to learn more about the vehicle. It remains to be seen how much this rare prototype will fetch at auction or private sale.

Rare Tesla Roadster RR Prototype Goes on Sale

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