South Korean technology giant Samsung has announced an important development regarding the Galaxy Z Flip6, the new member of the foldable phone series Galaxy Z Flip. According to information from The Elec, an innovation has been made in this new model that will solve the screen wrinkle problem.

Reducing Wrinkles by Increasing Screen Thickness

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 to Address Screen Wrinkles

The Galaxy Z Flip6 will increase the screen thickness by 20 micrometers to 50 micrometers. This change will make the screen less wrinkled and improve the user experience. The screen thickness, which was 30 micrometers in the previous model, will allow users to have a smoother screen experience with this increase. However, industry sources are not certain whether this change will completely eliminate the wrinkle problem. Nevertheless, this improvement will minimize the level of wrinkles and make them less noticeable. There are also leaks that the Galaxy Z Flip6 will come with a better camera setup, a titanium case and a bigger battery.

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