Sony’s PlayStation division continues to innovate in the mobile gaming industry. The company has posted a new job opening for a mobile platform engineer. The ad states that PlayStation is looking for someone to work in“development, publishing and free-to-play games” for its mobile gaming operations. The candidate is expected to provide technical leadership to the engineering team and contribute to the development roadmap of the mobile platform. He will also work on mobile game development and software.

This role includes leading design and implementation and collaborating with internal teams to integrate mobile games into PlayStation services. It also needs to ensure that all mobile games meet PlayStation’s high quality standards.

Sony’s Mobile Gaming History

Sony Seeks Specialists to Develop Mobile Games on PlayStation

Sony has a diverse track record in the mobile space. As well as existing apps such as the PlayStation mobile app and PS Remote Play, Run, Sackboy! Run!Uncharted: Fortune Hunter and God of War: Mimir’s Vision are some of the experiments in the mobile space. Rival companies are also aiming to take part in mobile platforms with similar moves. For example, Sarah Bond, President of Microsoft Xbox, recently announced plans for internet-based mobile gaming. This is Sony’s way new job advertisement This could be a harbinger of greater competition and innovative projects in the mobile gaming industry.

Those who wish to apply for the position can click here.

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