Sony’s superhero universe is struggling to attract enough attention without Spider-Man. Tom Hardy, who plays the character Venom, will make his last screen appearance in‘Venom: The Last Dance‘ for the last time. According to Sony Film Group President Tom Rothman, the film will be the last in the series and will offer a ‘grand finale’ to Hardy’s character. Although the Venom franchise has enjoyed some success at the box office, it has received mixed reviews from audiences and critics. This reflects the challenges of Sony’s efforts to expand the Spider-Man universe.

Sony’s Other Projects and Future

Venom: The Last Dance, Farewell to Tom Hardy

On the other hand, other projects such as Morbius and Madame Web have not received the expected attention. This has made Sony hesitant to invest more in a Spider-Man-less universe. In particular, Prime Video’s cancellation of the Silk project and Sony’s search for a new streaming platform raise questions about the future of this universe. As a result, it remains to be seen how Sony will shape this universe and what new projects it will come up with.

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