Apple announced its new move in the field of artificial intelligence, Apple Intelligence, last June. This new platform will revolutionize iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices with features that greatly improve Siri. In particular, Siri is expected to evolve into a more advanced digital assistant and to receive ChatGPT support.

Renewed Version of Siri to Launch in Spring 2025

When Will Siri with Artificial Intelligence Support Come to iPhones?

According to information shared by Mark Gurman in Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter, this new and improved Siri will meet users in the spring months of 2025. The beta version for developers is expected to be released in January 2025, and the assistant will be widely accessible with the iOS 18.4 update. Furthermore, changes to Siri’s design and the ChatGPT integration could potentially be available earlier, possibly towards the end of this year. However, it is anticipated that all new features will be completed by 2025. Advanced features of Apple Intelligence and Siri will only be accessible on certain models, including the iPhone 15 Pro and higher, and on iPad and Mac devices with M1 chips and above. Apple aims to significantly enhance the user experience with these innovations.

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