Sugar, indispensable for our delicious sweets, also brings some challenges for our body. When consumed, sugar initially goes to the stomach and then into the bloodstream, transforming into glucose form in the small intestine and begins circulating in our body. This process creates an imbalance among the cells. To correct this imbalance, the cells expel the water they contain, allowing it to mix into the blood. This loss of water causes the cells to send signals to the brain that there is a need for water.

This situation leads to a feeling of thirst about 5 minutes after consuming sugar

This feeling of thirst is triggered by a hormone secreted by the liver, reaching the hypothalamus area of the brain. In addition to sugary foods, salty foods and excessive exercise can also trigger similar effects, causing feelings of thirst. This process is a natural defense mechanism developed by our body to meet its water needs.

Source:  Health

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