The Xbox platform has come up with some very controversial decisions in recent days. The company abruptly closed four major game studios, including Tango Gameworks, which developed the highly successful game Hi-Fi Rush. This came as a shock to the gaming world and was met with strong reactions from the player community. In addition, Xbox’s plans to lay off more employees and news of a hike in the Game Pass subscription service were also negatively received by gamers.

Game Pass Price Increase and Uncertainties

In particular, the planned increase in the price of Game Pass, Xbox’s popular subscription service, and the uncertainty over whether a major title like Call of Duty will be added to the service are causing concern among gamers. These decisions have led to criticism that the management is disconnected from the needs and expectations of the player community.

Protest on Social Media

Xbox Is Going Through Hard Times: Studio Closures and Reactions

In reaction to the situation, a gamer pointed this out by throwing an atom bomb at the virtual camp of Xbox head Phil Spencer in Fallout 76. This action spread quickly on social media and was seen as a protest symbolizing the general discontent with Xbox management. Such in-game actions are often symbolic gestures that reflect the emotions of the community.

Phil Spencer is personally known as a game-loving executive, but the fact that he’s facing this kind of backlash speaks volumes about the disappointment of the company’s decisions. It became not just a fun protest by one player, but also a platform for a wide range of people to make their voices heard.

While it is unclear what will happen for Xbox in the coming days, the reactions of the player community and the company’s responses to these reactions will be decisive for the future of the platform.

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