Samsung is rumored to be entering the smart ring market, while another tech startup, Y-RING, is preparing to launch a similar product. The new smart ring Y-RING offers a range of features from health tracking to payment systems, smart home device control, and music management. Among the most notable features is an advanced health monitor that can track vital data such as body temperature, blood oxygen level, sleep status, stress, and heart rate 24/7. These data can be easily monitored by users through a mobile app.

Eliminates the Need to Carry Wallets with NFC Technology

Y-RING: New Multifunctional Smart Ring Coming to Market

Y-RING’s water resistance is guaranteed up to 10 ATM pressure, and its durability and elegance are enhanced by the use of a titanium frame. Another important feature of the smart ring is the capacity to make contactless payments through NFC technology. This feature could eliminate the need for users to carry wallets in daily life. Additionally, NFC technology works compatibly with smart locking systems, allowing users to access their homes or offices without a key.

Users will also be able to control their smartphones with hand gestures; easily performing functions such as changing music, managing camera applications. Y-RING’s battery life is designed to last about a week, minimizing the need for frequent charging. Y-RING is announced on Kickstarter and is planned to be launched in September. The price is set at $179. This innovative smart ring has managed to raise tens of thousands of dollars in funding.

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