The University of Michigan in the USA and the National Institute of Optics and Electronics in Mexico are jointly conducting a research using artificial intelligence technologies aimed at understanding the barks of dogs. The study enables the distinction of the tones of the sounds produced by dogs, as well as characteristics such as gender, age, and breed. The research is carried out with artificial intelligence models that can analyze animal sounds with as much detail as human sounds.

In the Not So Distant Future, We Might Be Able to Talk with Our Pets

Artificial Intelligence that Can Translate Dog Barks into Human Language is Being Developed

Professor Rada Mihalcea‘s team focuses on analyzing dog barks using artificial intelligence models designed to recognize human speech. This allows the nuances in different tones of dog barks to be distinguished and the meaning of these sounds to be better understood.

Artem Abzaliev also emphasizes the importance of recording dog sounds from their natural environments or obtaining them with the owner’s permission. The results of the study will help develop new methods that could aid in understanding what animals are trying to tell us. Such research could fundamentally change our communication with pets in the future.

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