In the aftermath of the concert hall attack in the Russian capital Moscow, which killed more than 140 people, an online propaganda attack by ISIS has revealed a new technological dimension that is changing the face of terrorism.

ISIS Propaganda Using Artificial Intelligence

ISIS Propaganda Using Artificial Intelligence

The propaganda videos used an artificial intelligence-generated server to claim that ISIS had dealt Russia ‘the hardest blow in years’. This development has demonstrated how sophisticated terrorist organizations can use sophisticated technologies and adapt artificial intelligence tools to spread hate.

Reports of Terror Analysis Organizations

Firms that analyze terrorist activity, such as SITE Intelligence Group, have also begun to publish reports confirming this new trend. While five different videos released by ISIS recently went viral on various levels, it was stated that artificial intelligence has become a new propaganda tool for this organization.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence for Terrorist Organizations

Experts in the field, such as Rita Katz, have stated that artificial intelligence has changed the rules of the game for terrorist organizations and opened a global access door for them. This has raised new questions about what kind of strategy security forces and technology companies should follow.

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