Electronic Arts (EA) continues to take innovative steps in the video game industry. Andrew Wilson, the company’s CEO, recently announced that they are working on next-generation ad integrations in their AAA games. This new approach aims to make the game experience more interactive and realistic. Wilson stated that a special team has been formed for this project and work is ongoing, but emphasized that it is too early to give much information about the details yet.

New Era of In-Game Advertising

EA Plans Next Generation of In-Game Ads in AAA Games

This comes at a time when other big companies like Ubisoft are experimenting with similar methods of in-game advertising. For example, ads in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey showed the potential of this concept and its impact on players.

This new step by EA has the potential to shape the future of in-game advertising. Proposed ad formats include replacing billboards in EA Sports FC 24 with real ads, or placing ads for real brands on signage in the Battlefield series. Time will tell how EA’s strategy will impact the world of advertising and entertainment.

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