Electronic Arts (EA) has announced big plans for the beloved FPS series Battlefield. Last released in 2021, Battlefield 2042 received mixed reviews, especially for its lack of a single-player mode. But EA is taking player feedback into account and preparing to take big steps towards the future of the series.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson gave important details about the future of the series at yesterday’s financial report meeting. According to Wilson, EA has assembled an unprecedented team size to develop the new Battlefield games. A collaboration between Motive, DICE, Criterion and Ripple Effect studios, this massive team aims to literally reshape the series.

EA is assembling the largest team in history for the new Battlefield

Electronic Arts is Building a Huge Team for New Battlefield Games

The new games will offer both multiplayer and single-player experiences, Wilson said. He also stated that the next Battlefield game will be built on a‘live-service‘ model, meaning that the game will be supported by long-term updates. This model aims to keep players hooked for a long time by offering constant innovations and expansions. However, this has caused some concern among players who do not prefer the live-service model.

It remains to be seen how EA’s new direction will be received by fans of the series. But it’s clear that the company is focused on innovations that will further improve the player experience. We will wait and see how the new Battlefield series will leave its mark on the FPS world.

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