For smartphones and other mobile devices, battery life is one of the most critical aspects of the user experience. Google is introducing a new feature, Doze, with the Android 15 update to solve this problem. Doze mode will save energy by limiting the devices’ processor usage and stopping long-unused apps from running in the background. This will allow devices to stay charged for longer.

Android 15 and the Effects of Doze Mode

Extending Battery Life with Android 15: New Doze Feature

Dave Burke, Vice President of Android Platform Engineering, said in a statement that with Android 15, the doze time has been accelerated by 50% and in tests, some devices provided 3 hours longer standby time. It will also be coming to wearables with Wear OS 6. Significant improvements are expected with this update, especially in smartwatches that are criticized for battery life. The Doze feature aims to make smart devices work more efficiently and last longer.

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