Getir, a leading name in Turkey’s rapid delivery sector, has entered a significant transformation process with a $250 million investment. The company aims to evaluate different market opportunities by splitting its current structure into two groups. This restructuring is seen as a strategic step to reinforce Getir’s leadership in the sector and to achieve a more competitive position in the global market.

Getir’s Restructuring Plan Announced

Getir is Restructuring: The Company is Dividing into Two

According to the announcement, Getir’s current operations will be divided into two main groups. The first group will focus on the company’s core businesses, which are online grocery and food delivery services in Turkey. This group will be managed with the support of Mubadala Investment Company, which will hold a majority stake. The second group will manage Getir’s other business lines such as e-commerce, finance, and mobility. This group will be led by Nazim Salur and other founders of Getir, who will hold minority stakes.

This strategic division will allow both groups to grow more focused and effectively in their respective fields. The group dealing with online grocery and food delivery services in Turkey will strengthen its market leadership with additional capital provided by Mubadala, while the other group will develop new and innovative services to expand Getir’s business portfolio.

Important Statements from Getir Founder Nazim Salur

Getir is Restructuring: The Company is Dividing into Two

The founder of Getir, Nazim Salur, stated that the restructuring will further strengthen Getir’s leadership position in the sector and increase the company’s future growth potential. Salur also emphasized that Getir will continue to improve customer experience and provide quality service in the Turkish market.

As part of the restructuring, the establishment of GetirFinans is also planned. GetirFinans will be a new step in the company’s financial services area, supported by the founders of Getir, Mubadala, Is Bankasi’s investment fund Maxis, and Crankstart.

Once this restructuring process is completed, Getir users will continue to access services from both groups through the existing Getir application. This means that users will continue to receive the same quality service without any changes.

This restructuring of Getir is considered a step that will support the company’s sustainable growth and further solidify its leadership in Turkey. The moves the company will make in the coming periods will strengthen its position in the sector and create significant opportunities in new business areas.

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