Getir, which showed rapid growth during the pandemic period and opened to international markets in a short time, recently decided to withdraw from some markets. The company, which operates in many countries, especially Turkey, the US and the UK, had decided to stop its activities in some regions due to costs and operational difficulties. This process marks a significant shift in the company’s strategy.

Confidentiality Agreement Signed Between Getir and Turkey Wealth Fund

Now, Getir has taken an important step and signed a confidentiality agreement with Turkey Wealth Fund. According to information obtained by Egirişim from reliable sources, this development may be part of the company’s new strategic plans for the future. While Getir refrained from making an official statement on the subject, it remains to be seen what impact this partnership will have on the company’s financial restructuring and growth plans. This move could be an important turning point for Getir, which wants to strengthen its operations in Turkey.

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