Google is updating its Gemini platform, developed as an alternative to ChatGPT in the field of artificial intelligence, with new features to enhance user experience. Previously only available in pop-up windows, Gemini now offers multi-window support with its latest beta update. This new feature in beta version 15.26.3 allows users to use Gemini in dual window mode, thus providing the capacity to see and manage two different tasks simultaneously.

Google Gemini, Renewed with Multi-Window Support

Google Gemini, Updated with Multi-Window Support

When users activate this new multi-window mode, they can freely move windows around the screen and stack them as needed. This provides a more efficient usage, especially on various devices including foldable ones, and accelerates workflows.

Google’s innovation allows for the creation of more creative solutions using AI tools. While there is no definite information on when the new feature will be officially released, its inclusion in the beta version indicates that its launch is imminent. Moreover, reviews suggest that this feature could be exclusive to Samsung devices, which might be exciting for Samsung users.

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