Apple introduces new software updates and technological innovations at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This year, starting on June 10th, the event will unveil artificial intelligence features exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models alongside the iOS 18 operating system. These new features aim to increase on-device processing capacity, reduce cloud dependency, and improve user experience.

Some Artificial Intelligence Features Will Require iPhone 15 Pro to Run on the Device

Using Artificial Intelligence Features Coming with iOS 18 Will Require iPhone 15 Pro!

So far, various leaks and information have emerged regarding iOS 18. However, according to recent announcements from Apple, some advanced artificial intelligence features will only be available on the new generation iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. This could be disappointing for users who are still using older iPhone models. Sources close to the technology world, like Mark Gurman, claim that these features running on the device require Apple’s most powerful processors claim.

The new iPhone 15 Pro models will offer much faster CPU and GPU performance with the A17 Pro chip, while having the capability to perform 35 trillion operations per second with a 16-core Neural Engine. This will allow artificial intelligence applications to operate much more effectively.

Apple’s Marketing Strategy and Contribution to Technology

Although some critics see this strategic move by Apple as a marketing tactic, it can also be considered an effort to advance technology and user experience. Ultimately, the innovations that iOS 18 and iPhone 15 Pro will bring at WWDC 2024 seem likely to make a significant impact in the technology world. Now, all eyes are on how Apple will deliver these new features to enhance the user experience.

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