Google is adding a new one to its innovations in artificial intelligence. The Gemini artificial intelligence feature, which will be integrated into the company’s popular mobile application, will provide great convenience to users. This integration is aimed specifically at Android users, who will no longer need to download a separate app to access Gemini.

Gemini will be accessible from Settings

Google Integrates Gemini Artificial Intelligence into its Android App

According to analysis by AssembleDebug, the new Gemini option in the Settings section of the Google app will offer direct access to artificial intelligence. This will allow users to take advantage of Gemini’s features with a single click. This is a big advantage, especially for devices with lower hardware.

Although it is not yet clear when this integration will be available, Google is expected to make this innovation available to users shortly. Gemini’s integration will enable AI to be more integrated into everyday use and significantly improve the user experience.

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