Apple is highly anticipated in the tech world, and an exciting piece of news has surfaced about the iPhone 16 Pro model which the company will introduce in September. According to sources, Apple will use the telephoto camera with a 5x optical zoom feature, previously exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max model, in the iPhone 16 Pro. This is considered part of the company’s strategy to enhance camera capabilities in their high-end devices.

The introduction of this new feature is expected at the Apple launch event scheduled for September 2023. The iPhone 15 Pro Max was historically notable as Apple’s first phone with a telephoto camera, and now this feature will be offered to a broader audience. This step by Apple is seen as a development that will further advance users’ photography experiences.

Production of New Telephoto Cameras Has Begun

iPhone 16 Pro Model to Feature 5x Optical Zoom Telephoto Camera

Information about the production process is among the news received. It is indicated that Taiwan-based Largan Precision and Genius Electronic Optical companies will manufacture the new telephoto cameras. Largan Precision had previously manufactured the telephoto camera for the iPhone 15 Pro Max model, and this experience indicates that high-quality components will be used for the new model as well.

However, Apple is somewhat behind its market competitors in this regard. Camera technologies of this kind, which have been used in Android devices for years, are now included in Apple’s new models, raising the level of competition. Still, it is a matter of curiosity how Apple users will receive these new features and what impact the iPhone 16 Pro will create in the market.

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