US-based technology giant Apple announced a major innovation for the iPhone 16 Pro Max model it will introduce in September. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new battery technology to be used in this model will have a higher energy density than current models. In this way, users will be able to use their phones for longer periods of time even if the battery size remains the same.

Integration of the new battery into other models and possible disadvantages

Apple to Unveil New Battery Technology in iPhone 16 Pro Max

According to Kuo’s statements, the new technology will first be used in the iPhone 16 Pro Max model and then integrated into all models of the iPhone 17 series. However, as a disadvantage of this development, the increase in battery energy density may cause the battery to heat up more. Apple plans to solve this problem with a stainless steel coating. Unfortunately, this solution method can increase production costs.

Let us remind you that Apple previously used a similar technology in the Apple Watch Series 9, which also featured a stainless steel coating. This gives us more confidence in the accuracy of Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions. Full details of the new technology will be revealed at the September launch.

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