The giant in the technology and graphic design industry, Adobe, has been at the center of controversy in recent years due to its subscription plans. The company’s strategies, which constantly force users to make payments, caught the attention of the US Department of Justice, and as a result, a lawsuit was filed against Adobe.

Accusations Against Adobe by the Department of Justice

Lawsuit Against Adobe from US Department of Justice: Subscription Policies Problematic

According to statements by the Department of Justice, Adobe’s subscription terms are not sufficiently transparent in accordance with consumer rights. Additionally, the company is criticized for demanding high early termination fees and complicating the cancellation process.

Global Impacts of the Lawsuit

The lawsuit initiated in the US has the potential to affect users in other countries, including Turkey, due to the policies Adobe implements globally. The company has not yet made an official statement on this matter.

This situation leads to uncertainties about what strategy Adobe will follow in the market. The Ministry is also accusing the company of ignoring consumer complaints.

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