The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft is planning to add a new Call of Duty game to its Game Pass service later this year. This move could increase the value of the subscription service and attract more users. However, it looks like this addition will cause some significant changes to Game Pass subscription packages.

Expected Changes to Game Pass Subscription Packs

Microsoft May Add New Call of Duty to Game Pass

These changes are expected to focus on content and pricing. Insiders, including a source known by the username ‘Shinobi’ on the ResetEra forums in particular, suggest that Game Pass bundles will increase in price. These allegations were widely echoed on forums and discussed by many users and analysts.

No Official Statement From Microsoft Yet

The fact that Microsoft has not made an official statement on this issue increases curiosity even more. The company is expected to officially announce the new Call of Duty game next month and release it in October. In the meantime, we will learn more about the veracity of the claims and Microsoft’s strategies.

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