As Apple prepares to introduce its next generation smartwatch, the technology world is eagerly awaiting this development. Expected to be called Apple Watch X 10. The generation watch has already attracted the attention of technology lovers. But the latest design is not from Apple, but from German design agency Wordsmattr. This concept by designer Lukas Gehrer has similar lines to the Apple Watch Ultra 2, but is much thinner and curvier.

Concept Design with Innovative Features

New Concept Design for Apple Watch X Packed with Innovative Features

One of the most striking features of this innovative concept is the FaceTime camera integrated into the display. This promises to take the smartwatch wearing experience to the next level by making face-to-face conversations much easier and more accessible for users. The design also includes a blood pressure sensor, which could be an important step forward in health monitoring technology. However, it is not yet clear when or how these features will actually be added to Apple Watch models.

New Concept Design for Apple Watch X Packed with Innovative Features

It is rumored that a sensor that is expected to measure blood sugar may also be included in the new model. This can be a great convenience, especially for diabetics. However, there is no information on whether this design is the work of an artist and whether Apple’s actual product plans will overlap with this design. For this reason, the release of Apple Watch X continues to be a matter of great curiosity in the technology world. Time will tell if this exciting feature-packed concept design can usher in a new era in smartwatch technology.

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