A recent case has reignited the debate on creativity and originality in the tech sector. Apple’s commercial for its new iPad Pro is almost identical to LG’s 2008 commercial for the KC910. This raised questions about why a technology giant like Apple would resort to such a path.

Similarities between LG and Apple

Did Apple Copy LG's Old Ad for the New iPad Pro?

LG’s KC910 featured Dolby Mobile audio technology, which was considered innovative at the time, and LG chose a very impressive way to emphasize this feature in its ad. Apple’s new ad has a similar concept. The similarities between the two ads were quickly noticed by viewers and sparked widespread debate on social media.

LG’s Commercial 15 Years Ago

Apple’s New iPad Pro Commercial

This has led to a rethinking of what ethical standards and creative boundaries should be in the tech world. Apple’s strategy could damage its brand image and negatively impact consumer confidence in the long term. Is this kind of similarity a coincidence or a conscious choice? The answers to these questions will become clearer in the coming days.

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