WhatsApp has taken another significant step in continuously improving user experience by starting to integrate the ability to send video notes directly through cameras. Currently in beta version, this feature will be available for both Android and iOS platforms. Users will be able to easily record video notes via the camera section of the app by selecting the ‘video note‘ option. This new feature will allow users to communicate more quickly and effectively.

WhatsApp offers video note feature for users

New Feature on WhatsApp: Video Messages

This innovation will greatly simplify things especially for users who previously experienced confusion in the voice notes section. Shifting from the microphone icon to the camera icon will make it easier for users to use video notes. WhatsApp‘s step will encourage users to use the app more efficiently and speed up communication processes.

This feature, currently in WhatsApp’s Android version, will soon be available to iOS users as well. WhatsApp aims to reach more users with this feature and is continuously updating to ensure ease of use. With this new feature, WhatsApp users will add a new dimension to their messaging experiences and make their communications more effective. Video notes will be an ideal solution especially for situations that require quick and visual feedback.

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