Significant changes are happening in the world of PlayStation. Following Jim Ryan’s departure, Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino have been appointed as co-CEOs of PlayStation. Hulst has made a swift start in his new role, making some strategic announcements about the future of PlayStation games. These announcements particularly contain important clues for PC gamers.

Expansion of PlayStation Games to PC

New PlayStation CEO Hermen Hulst on Strategy Announcements

According to Hulst, live service type games developed by PlayStation studios, which are continuously updated and multiplayer productions, will now be offered for PC from day one. This strategy aims to reach a broader audience for PlayStation games.

Iconic Single Player Games and PC Strategy

On the other hand, when it comes to story-driven single-player games that have become synonymous with PlayStation, the current strategy will continue. Successful series such as The Last of Us, Spider-Man, God of War, and Horizon will first be released on the PlayStation platform and then, after a certain period, be published for PC. This approach will encourage PC gamers to turn to the PlayStation platform to continue playing the game series.

Impact of Games on Film and Series Adaptations

New PlayStation CEO Hermen Hulst on Strategy Announcements

Hulst mentioned that this strategy will also increase interest in film and series adaptations of games, citing the success of The Last of Us series as an example, and they will take steps in this direction. However, whether PC users will incur additional costs to buy a PlayStation will become clear over time. The successful implementation of these new strategies by Hermen Hulst and the PlayStation team will be an important factor in determining the company’s future position.

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