OpenAI, one of the leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence, introduced the new language model GPT-4o, which the technology world is eagerly waiting for, with a big event. This new model stands out with its features that push the limits of artificial intelligence and its versatility of use. GPT-4o aims to improve the user experience by offering significant improvements compared to OpenAI’s previous models.

GPT-4o’s Versatile Capabilities

OpenAI Introduces GPT-4o, a Free New Language Model

The GPT-4o stands out for its ability to process different types of data such as voice, text and images. This model can provide voice responses in real time, while reducing latency during speech to 232 milliseconds, almost the speed of a natural human dialog. The 2.8-second delays of previous models are now a thing of the past.

Live demos during the event showcased the GPT-4o’s voice response capabilities as well as its visual capabilities. The model can analyze images from a camera and make logical interpretations based on these images. For example, when a user shows the model mathematical equations written on paper, GPT-4o can help by solving them. It also establishes a more empathetic connection with users with its capacity to respond emotionally.

OpenAI Introduces GPT-4o, a Free New Language Model

Real-time Translation Capability

GPT-4o, which is also very successful in translation, eliminates language barriers by instantly translating from Italian to English during a demo at the event. This capability is particularly useful in multilingual environments or international business meetings.

Desktop App to Support Coding Problems

GPT-4o, which also offers coding support, is a great support for software developers. It can analyze code and make programming suggestions through the desktop application. This saves time and minimizes the error rate, especially in complex software projects.

GPT-4o Can Analyze People and Environment on Camera

One of the videos shows the model analyzing and commenting on people and their surroundings through a camera. The human-like sensing ability of this technology is remarkable.

Can Make Sarcastic Jokes

Another video demonstrates GPT-4o’s ability to tell sarcastic jokes at will. The model can use sarcastic and humorous language.

Now we can interrupt and intervene

In this video, the GPT-4o model is told to count to 10. After the count starts, the OpenAI employee interrupts the model and asks it to count faster. The model successfully fulfills all requests and at times can say “OK” in an exasperated way.

Two GPT-4o Models Chat and Duet

The video shows a GPT-4o chatting with another GPT-4o and singing together. The interaction and duet performance of the two models is remarkable.

Model’s Reaction to Seeing a Dog

Can be the “Eye” for the Visually Impaired

Opening new doors for the visually impaired, GPT-4o acts as an ‘eye’ with its ability to describe its surroundings. This feature enables the visually impaired to participate more actively in social life and move independently.

Finally, OpenAI announced that this new model will also be accessible to free users. After a certain limit of messages, the model will automatically switch to GPT-3.5. This is seen as a step in support of OpenAI’s mission to bring its technology to a wider audience.

OpenAI’s event once again demonstrated how rapid and impressive the advances in artificial intelligence technologies are. GPT-4o offers groundbreaking innovations in different fields, further cementing the place of artificial intelligence in human life. Users should now be ready for a smarter, faster and more responsive AI experience.

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