There has been another revolutionary development in the field of artificial intelligence technologies. OpenAI Vidu from China was introduced as a competitor to Sora, a model developed by Sora that can convert text into videos. Vidu can produce high-definition videos in just a few seconds with text-based commands.

Introducing Vidu at Zhongguancun Forum

OpenAI Sora's New Competitor Vidu

Vidu, which was introduced at the Zhongguancun Forum in Beijing, China, was developed in collaboration with Chinese artificial intelligence company Shengshu Technology and Tsinghua University. Vidu is capable of creating 16-second videos from text in 1080p resolution. With these features, Vidu is clearly a competitive player in the international arena.

Vidu Highlights

According to Shengshu Technology, Vidu stands out both for its ability to create videos over longer periods of time and its capacity to deliver high consistency. It is also noted that Vidu performs very close to Sora. The videos are of high quality and designed to include symbols of Chinese culture.

Vidu Launch Plans

It remains unclear when this new model will be generally available. However, the statements made indicate that Vidu will gain an important place in the production of artificial intelligence-based visual content in the near future. The Chinese developers emphasize that they have been continuously improving the architecture of the model since September 2022 and have managed to model various cultural elements in the process.

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