In an event at the beginning of May, OpenAI introduced its latest language model, GPT-4o, which particularly stood out with its advanced voice mode. However, the announcements made by the company did not stop there. It was announced that many features previously only available to paid subscribers would now be accessible to everyone. Some features, like access to GPT-4o, have been in use for several weeks, but now other features are also being rolled out to users worldwide.

New Features to be Available to Free ChatGPT Users

OpenAI Opens Some "Paid Features" to Free Users

Among these new features, users can create personalized chatbots, remember previous conversations with memory features, and perform real-time internet browsing with ChatGPT. Additionally, users can now access the GPT store and use GPTs created by others. However, the GPT creation feature remains exclusive to Plus subscribers.

The other features offered allow users to upload files, chat over the photos they take, and perform data analysis. Although all these features are offered for free, the company has imposed a certain message limit. Once this limit is exceeded, the system automatically downgrades the user from GPT-4o to GPT-3.5. This provides an excellent opportunity for users to try out these new and powerful features.

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