Samsung Electronics, despite being a pioneer in the global technology sector, is going through a significant turning point regarding worker rights. Employees at the company have decided to go on strike on June 7 demanding better working conditions and wages, marking the first strike in Samsung’s history and a significant test for the South Korean tech giant.

The Strike Will Last One Day

Samsung Employees to Strike for the First Time

According to the union, the strike will last one day during which union members will use paid leave. The union currently represents more than one-fifth of the company’s workforce with about 28,000 members. Representatives emphasize that the company has not sufficiently considered the demands of the employees and significant improvements are needed. Prominent demands include a 6.5% wage increase and performance-based bonuses.

Negotiation Process and Possible Outcomes

Although negotiations between Samsung management and union representatives have been ongoing since the beginning of the year, no definitive solution has been reached. Talks are continuing, but the union indicates that longer strikes may also be possible. This development could negatively affect Samsung’s supply chain and its position in the global electronics market. The company was not very open to union activities in the past but changed this policy in 2018. Now, this strike may cause the company to reassess its approach to workers’ rights.

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