WhatsApp continues to enhance the user experience by leveraging Meta AI technology. With the latest updates, users can now create their own portraits through artificial intelligence. All that is needed for this process is a selfie. The Meta AI Llama model integrated by WhatsApp will take this selfie and can produce various visuals according to user requests. Users can access this feature by simply using the commands ‘imagine me…’ or ‘meta AI imagine me…’ in the Meta AI chat screen.

Portrait Creation with a Selfie

Time to Create Your Own Portrait with AI on WhatsApp

This technology allows users to unleash their creativity. For example, a user might want to see their own fantastical version or how they would look in a different environment. Artificial intelligence will understand such requests and create visuals in real-time. However, there are also security concerns brought about by these new features. How Meta will protect user data and the measures it will take to prevent the misuse of private visuals are not yet clear. Nonetheless, this new step by WhatsApp advances personalized experiences in digital communication, allowing users to express themselves not just with text, but with visuals as well.

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