The year 2024 has started as a challenging period for the video game industry. Particularly, large companies in the gaming sector have laid off many employees in an effort to reduce costs. So far, giants like Electronic Arts, Riot Games, and Xbox have impacted thousands during this period. Estimates indicate that approximately 20,000 people from the gaming industry have lost their jobs since the beginning of the year.

Most recently, Ubisoft joined this wave. The France-based company conducted significant layoffs at its studio in Toronto, Canada. The company announced that it had laid off 33 employees working on major projects such as the remake of Splinter Cell and the new Far Cry game. Ubisoft stated that this decision was part of a restructuring to achieve the targets in the company’s roadmap. It was also emphasized that compensation would be paid to the laid-off employees and assistance would be provided to support their careers.

These layoffs are part of Ubisoft’s recent trend of workforce reductions. The company has laid off a total of 1700 employees from 2022 to 2024. This reflects the general economic difficulties in the video game sector and the financial pressures faced by companies. Even industry giants like Ubisoft making such tough decisions can be seen as an indication of strategic moves made to cope with the current economic realities in the sector.

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