When we go to the sea or pool, the first question that comes to most of our minds is usually ‘Should I go to the toilet? This is a reaction not only in us but in many people. What are the scientific reasons behind this sudden and strong urge to pee?

One research according to the study, a swimming pool of about 400 liters can contain up to 30 liters of urine. This shows how common urinating in the pool is. Even some Olympic swimmers have admitted to urinating in the pool. But to get to the bottom of this, we can talk about a phenomenon called‘immersion diuresis‘.

What is Immersion Diuresis?

Why do we pee when we go in the water?

Immersion diuresis can be explained as a reaction of the body when we enter water. When we enter the water, our body’s blood vessels constrict and this causes the blood to flow more to our internal organs. This increases kidney activity and raises blood pressure. Rising blood pressure causes the kidneys to filter more fluid and thus increase urine production. This explains the urge to urinate when entering the water.

Why do we pee when we go in the water?

In addition, the depth and temperature of the water can also affect this. The increase in water pressure as you dive deeper triggers the kidneys to filter more fluid. Cold water also enhances the urge to urinate by further increasing immersion diuresis.

Conclusion: Urge to Pee is a Natural Reaction

As a result, the urge to urinate when we enter the pool or the sea is a natural and scientific reaction of our body. However, this does not mean that we should urinate in pools. Please let us always maintain this awareness and take care to keep the pools clean.

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