Recently, Apple came out with a commercial promoting the new iPad Pro. The ad depicted musical instruments and other items being crushed under a large press machine. At the end of the ad, the new iPad Pro was shown undamaged. What Apple wanted to emphasize with this visual show is that iPad Pro can meet any need. However, due to the similarity of the advertisement, it was lifted from LG allegations had emerged .

Apple Apologizes for New iPad Pro Ad

In addition to these criticisms, Apple felt the need to apologize for the images used in the ad after backlash on online platforms. Tor Myhren, Apple’s senior director of advertising, said in a statement that the ad had overstayed its welcome and that some consumers were uncomfortable with the use of their favorite items, such as musical instruments. Myhren apologized to everyone for this and announced that the ad would not be aired on television.

Apple’s Approach to Consumer Sensitivities and Brand Image

Apple’s move could be a sign of the company’s commitment to consumer sensitivities. However, the focal point of criticism, ‘ Stolen from LG ‘ the company did not make any statement on the subject. It remains to be seen what impact this will have on Apple’s brand image in the coming days.

Here’s the Ad Apple Stole from LG

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